WORKSHOP Social Enterprises Ecosystem in ARGENTINA

Developed to understand what is a Social Enterprises Ecosystem, what are its main actors and how they articulate with each other to strengthen and promote the development and growth of Social Enterprises.

Workshop objectives​

Learn about success stories of Social Enterprises Ecosystems from more developed countries in the subject and how are the relationships between the different actors.

Make an immersion in the Ecosystem of Social Enterprises of Argentina together with local referents who will present their role, what are they working on and what are their challenges.

Understand in-depth what Social Enterprises are, learn about successful business models, how they interact with the other actors in the ecosystem and how do they work together to potentiate the impact generated.

Networking with like-minded people who are willing to cooperate, share practices, knowledge and analyze the possibilities of creating synergies, business opportunities and alliances.

Promote the development of networks that build healthy personal and professional relationships and initiatives that have a positive impact on society, the economy and the environment.

Is it for me?

This workshop is designed so that all the actors of the Ecosystem of Social Enterprises of Latin America can participate. It is for everyone interested in understanding in depth what social enterprises are, knowing what the ecosystem actors are doing and being able to identify their role and potential from the place they occupy.
It is ideal for undergraduate students in their last years, postgraduate students, social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, teachers, professionals from different areas of the ecosystem, people seeking to promote Social Enterprises.

When is it?


Quotas are limited. Requires prior registration and you get bonuses when you sign up as a team. Download the program for more information and prices.

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