Immersion on business models and Social Enterprises Ecosystem in


Our programs create an international community of people with advocacy and leadership capacity that seek to strengthen the local Ecosystems of Social Enterprises through the learning generated in the most developed Ecosystems of the world and the search for innovation in the resolution of social and environmental problems.

What will you find in INDIA?


How Social Enterprises relate to the other actors in the Ecosystem, what kind of synergies they perform and how they complement each other.


The Social Enterprises Ecosystem has +40 years of development and works in synergy between its actors.


India is a leader in social innovation and has multiple globally recognized disruptive initiatives and business models.


We will know different Social Enterprises, from little to large company sizes,  and understand how they solve problems.

What are the program objectives?

Understand in-depth what are social enterprises, learn about successful business models, how is the ecosystem in which they are born and grow, what are the other actors in the ecosystem with whom they interact and what is their role in developing successful social enterprises and the generation of the desired impact.

• You will learn about innovation focused on solving social and environmental problems through business models and how they promote the development and growth of Social Business Ecosystems.

Build a community of people capable of absorbing theoretical knowledge and know-how from the Social Enterprises Ecosystem of India, analyze the possibilities of replicating and implementing experiences in other countries.
Networking with like-minded people who are willing to cooperate from south to south, share practices, knowledge and analyze the possibilities of creating synergies, business opportunities and partnerships.

Promote the development of networks that build healthy personal and professional relationships and initiatives that have a positive impact on society, the economy and the economy.

What is the trip about?

The trip consists of a deep immersion about Social Enterprises with academic instances, networking sessions, field visits, and cultural immersion.

• Academic Sessions at the School for Social Entrepreneurs India, internationally recognized and based in 3 countries. Working session with a university specialized in Social Enterprises Ecosystems.

Professional sessions with key actors of the Ecosystem that will share their vision of Social Enterprises and articulation methodologies.
Field visits to Social Enterprises of different dimensions, from those focused on working and selling at the national level, to those that have a broad impact and export to different countries. 

Tourist visits to iconic sites such as the Taj Mahal, immersion in social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of India. We will visit rural villages and developed urban centers and have tourist experiences provided by Social Enterprises

Who is this program for?

This program is for people who want to deeply understand how Social Enterprises work, what are the most successful business models, how innovation is generated in this field, what kind of problems they solve and how they interact with other actors in the Ecosystem. It is for people who want to be part of an international community that focuses on promoting the development of these business models in their countries.

It is ideal for
▹ Professionals
▹ Undergraduate and graduate students
▹ Social entrepreneurs, consultants
▹ Businessmen
▹ Teachers and academics
▹ General public
▹ People working in the public sphere, social development and ministries
▹ People working in NGOs
▹ Finance professionals
▹ Professionals undergoing change processes

When is the trip and what does it include?

10 days in total. Delhi, Jaipur, Agra. 15-day option including the celebration of the HOLI festival as part of the cultural immersion and visit Rishikesh, the world capital of Yoga, and Dehradun to visit a Social Enterprise in the mountains.

03/10/20 TO 03/19/20

Academic professional program

Training certificate with international validity

4-star hotels (on a double basis)

Breakfasts and lunches
Transfers within and between cities

Translation from English / Hindi to Spanish

Field visits
Sightseeing and cultural guide

Entrance to Taj Mahal and tourist sites with guide in Spanish

How do I register?

Download the program to know its price and see more information. We will get in touch with you shortly.

Our partners

"The trip was incredible from every point of view. EKHOS organization is very warm and professional. The cultural immersion to a country so different, full of contrasts, as well as the immersion to social enterprises and fair trade organizations, was amazing.  It is enriching to see the impact that this type of organizations generate on people, how their work is managed and carried out successfully and how the ecosystem works to make it happen. In my professional experience, it was very interesting to be able to see and understand the fundamental role that my expertise has in the field, in such adverse and different contexts, and I aspire to contribute so that this ecosystem grows in our country and the whole world. "

MARINA SERAFINI, Coordinator Marcas que Marcan

“My experience in India was very enriching in all aspects. Mainly for allowing me to know a reality totally different from what I am used to and also the combination between professional visits to the social ecosystem was very successful, including visits to the obligatory places and others not so well known in this country. Villages and cities, multinational companies and rural entrepreneurs added contrasts of all styles. The landscapes, people and culture of India, form a difficult composition to put it into words. During this trip I met "another world" and I realized that everything is possible! I think very little things open your head as much as these experiences. I recommend it 100%. ”

GONZALO LEGUIZAMON, co founder de Damasco

“My experience with the immersion trip on inclusive businesses in North India was impressive. The contributions meant a closer approach to interpreting how the economic, social and environmental dimensions dialogue with each other in the search for long-term solutions that generate greater social inclusion and mainly that empowers women by giving them a new place in the core of their organizations (.. .) Attending the International Fair Trade Fair opened a new expectation to think from my place in the world how to develop responsible and sustainable tourism projects. With these ideas in mind, we are in the process of gestation of a socio-environmental consultant. ”

MÓNICA TISSONE, Environmental Education specialist

Our programs contribute to the