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During November 2017 the model was studied in situ, in Tilonia, India. It began to identify allies in December 2017 in the province of Jujuy, Argentina, with the aim that Argentine women could be trained in solar engineering to be able to bring light to their rural communities.


1. Empower women in rural communities by training them as engineers, innovators and solar educators so that they themselves can take the solution to the lack of electricity to their communities.

2. Provide communities with sustainable energy systems.

3. Reduce CO2 emissions and the negative impacts of deforestation and pollution from burning wood and kerosene.

EXECUTION: In December 2017, the feasibility assessment of the implementation of Barefoot College in Argentina was carried out. In January 2018 the communities were visited promoting the project and the women who would travel were elected through Community Assemblies. Between March and September of 2018 four women from indigenous villages traveled to get trained in Solar Engineering in Tilonia, India. Between January and April of 2019, an exhaustive mapping of the potential beneficiaries of solar photovoltaic systems was carried out. As of April 2019, the search began for funds to buy and import the solar panels and their necessary equipment.

EKHOS ROLE: Study the project, study the feasibility of implementation in Argentina, generate the necessary networks to reach communities with energy needs. In partnership with Barefoot College, the selection of women from the first litter that would travel to training in India was carried out. Ekhos generates all the alliances that add value to the project, especially in the execution of the strategies drawn up after the return of women to Argentina.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: write to to generate a meeting in which we exchange all the possibilities of synergies around this project.


[MARCH 2019 - TODAY]

Following the first breakfast focused on Social Enterprises carried out in the Beccar Varela studio in September 2018, a Board was created to promote Social Enterprises.


1. Promote the development of Social Enterprises in Argentina through collaboration and synergy between different actors in the ecosystem.

2.  Agree on a definition of "Social Enterprise" for Argentina.

3. Generate a collaborative mapping of Social Enterprises in Argentina, who they are, how they are constituted, what their challenges are and in what areas they generate impact.

4.Analyze if it is necessary to develop a new legal framework for Social Enterprises in Argentina.

EXECUTION: In March 2019, the first board meeting was held, in which different actors from the Ecosystem of Social Enterprises in Argentina participated. The objectives of the board were defined and the path to be followed began to be drawn. Meetings are held every three weeks where progress is made on the proposed topics and the following steps are agreed upon.


EKHOS ROLE: Contribute from its network and knowledge, invite actors who could bring value to the table, share cases of international social enterprises and provide valuable information.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: write to to join IES.

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