We foster the development of Social Enterprises Ecosystems, especially by connecting Latin America with the most developed ecosystems in the world, to generate a global  community that expands its potential and gets nurtured through the exchange.


They are commercial companies with a social purpose. 

Its main objective is to mitigate a social problem, a market failure or an inequality in the distribution. It generates economic returns, does not obey a philanthropic model, distributes profits equitably and the beneficiaries of the impact are involved in the design and implementation of the solution to their problems.

What is a Social Enterprises ECOSYSTEM?

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According to the Ineramerican Development Bank, an Ecosystem "is a business community with organizations and individuals that interact to produce goods and services of value for clients, which are in turn part of the same business ecosystem."​."


is mainly composed of:

  • Civil society organizations

  • Public sector

  • Banking and financial institutions

  • Academic sector

  • Incubators / accelerators

  • Social Enterprises / Social Business

  • Investors

  • Consultants


We are professionals from different disciplines and we contribute our expertise to build the network and grow the Social Enterprise Ecosystems.

Ma. Virginia Romero

Co-founder EKHOS


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Jessica Oyarbide

Co-founder EKHOS


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Maia López

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Mónica Tissone

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Douglas Elespe

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Gonzalo Leguizamón

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Marina Serafini

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Maitena Moreno Ugartemendia

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Fabiana Guaymasi

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Paula Cabaleiro




EKHOS was founded with the objective of promoting the development of Social Enterprise Ecosystems in Latin America through experiential learning in more developed Ecosystems. The first professional immersion program was designed in the Social Enterprises Ecosystem of India and the first trip was made in November 2017.

At the beginning of 2018, EKHOS created an alliance with Barefoot College through which four women from Jujuy were able to train for six months in India in Solar Engineering. In September, together with other allies, EKHOS held a breakfast for the dissemination of Social Enterprises and organized an event together with microfinance leaders from Argentina, on their contribution to social inclusion and featured a reference speaker from LATAM and Chetna Gala Sinha, a reference and leader of India. In October, within the framework of the Congress on poverty of the Universidad Austral Argentina, EKHOS gave a workshop on virtuous synergies between NGOs, Social and Traditional Companies. In November 2018, the second professional immersion trip to India took place.


Partnerships and consolidation


In progress

EKHOS, in partnership with diverse actors of the Ecosystem of Social Enterprises of Argentina, launched the Board of Social Enterprise Boosters. The Indian allies of EKHOS participated in the Argentina Business Forum organized around the visit of President Mauricio Macri to India. EKHOS participated in BAPA 2019, an event organized by the United Nations to strengthen South-South cooperation and exposed networking between India and LATAM in a side event. In March, the first Virtual Course on Social Enterprises was launched.